In All British Interests

By Heather Marks

Dr Deirdre Osborne, co-course convener of the MA in Black British Writing was featured on the Cambridge Blog for Cambridge University Press, as she discussed the release of the new Cambridge Companion to British Black and Asian Literature (1945-2010). The new Companion is a landmark publication for it is the first volume to comparatively address the works of British contemporary black and South Asian authors. The publication comes at an auspicious time when now, more than ever, students are challenging the whiteness of their curriculum.

The Companion examines the creative and cultural impact African, Caribbean and South Asian writers have had on British literature. It analyses work from a wide range of genres, including performance poetry and non-fiction. The publication will be an essential resource for scholars, students and tutors, not only for its depth in analysis but in its range of topic: chapter contributions include British Black and Asian LGBTQ Writing by Kanika Batra, The poetics and politics of spoken word poetry by Corinne Fowler, and John McLeod’s hugely informative Adoption Aesthetics.

Below is a link to the original blog post as well as a link to purchase the Companion.
‘In All British Interests’ by Dr Deirdre Osborne was originally published 25th October 2016 on the Cambridge Blog website for Cambridge University Press.

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